Volunteers Wanted!

Service to others is in many ways a life changing experience. Sharing music, art, reading or the talent of simply listening are a few ways to provide service to others. And, offering it through volunteering to a patient who is facing the last footsteps of this life's journey becomes a privilege for the volunteer and a blessing for the patient and caregiver. 

“Never be afraid of giving. There is a deep joy in giving, since what we receive is much more than what we give.”

— Mother Theresa

Whether you are an artist, a musician, a poet, a scrap booker, a writer, a sculptor, a pet's best friend or someone who loves to read, you can share your talents and hobbies to inspire others. Most important of all, if you simply enjoy the give and take of a good conversation and your passion includes listening to life stories from people who have years of rich experiences, then you have a wonderful talent to share with hospice patients and their families. 

Reading poetry with a patient, painting a picture with someone, and sharing a pet are all examples of ways to bless others with personal gifts and talents. Writing down information provided by a patient during a conversation can even be a way of offering affirmative validation that someone truly has individual worth and has had a wonderful life. At the heart of hospice you'll find volunteers. Hospice is built around volunteer service which includes a multitude of different avenues to serve. Get involved and make a difference in way that you never though possible. Becoming a hospice volunteer can change the way we look at the world! 

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, call Tracy at (858) 634-5870 or email tstrong@seaporthhh.com .